At A+ Pet Company we provide professional services personalized for your unique needs.

If our services do not fit your requirements please contact us and we can discuss an alternative and negotiate a price for your special needs.

Consultation (free):

This gives us time to meet both pets and owners, discuss the best care options for you, transfer keys, preview your home, and answer any other questions you might have.  Schedule a consultation 48 hours prior to beginning service.  

If we do not receive 48 hours notice a $5 late notice charge will be added to regular service charges.

Drop-in ($12.00)

This 5 - 10 minute visit is a quick check to turn off any appliances left on, check windows, turn off sprinklers, transfer keys, quick potty break, feed, check water, or any other quick service you might need.

20 Minute Visit ($14.00)

This option is great for homes with single or independent pets that need little attention.  Time enough for potty breaks, feeding, litter box cleaning, brushing, topping off the water, and any other simple needs or tasks.

30 Minute Visit ($16.00)

Great for homes with multiple pets or pets needing a little extra attention.  Extra time for walks, playing, observed feeding, or completing other in-home tasks.

45 Minute Visit ($20.00)

Perfect for long walks, multiple pet homes, special needs pets, horses, or various in-home tasks.

Hourly Rate ($25.00)

If you prefer to have an even longer walk or maybe your pet really needs more attention than our other services can provide, then an hourly rate service is for you.  Hourly rates apply to horses and farm animals.

Overnight ($45.00)

For special needs animals or just to give you a little extra comfort, we will come stay the night with your loved ones.

Late Notice ($5.00)

Should you have a last minute booking less than 48 hours and we are able to work you in, a $5.00 convenience fee will be added to the invoice.

Holidays ($5.00)

On the following holidays $5.00 will be added per day:

Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Years Day.