Pets aren't just animals, they're family.

We offer you peace of mind.

Whether you are gone for work, on vacation, or for any other reason that takes you away from home and your best friend(s).  Professional at-home pet services provides your loved one with the best care available while you are out and this is our top goal.

With our services your pets stay home where they feel safe.

We come to you which means:

  •  No moving or packing your pet
  • Your pet has their usual surrounding
  • Your pet has less stress while you're away
  • They won't get sick from animals at boarding facilities

Give your pets the care they deserve.

We cover all of Cache Valley including:

  • Richmond
  • Hyde Park
  • Smithfield
  • Lewiston
  • Preston
  • Wellsville
  • Hyrum
  • Nibley
  • Providence
  • College Ward
  • Young Ward
  • Petersboro
  • Mendon
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